Leeson Motors

At Bearings & Industrial Supply Co., Inc., we take great pride in our ability to provide top-class customer service and the best selection of manufacturing parts available. As a leader in our industry in this regard, we work with only the most respected brands on the market, including our lineup of Leeson motors. Leeson has been a major name in the industry since the brand’s inception in 1939 due to the large number of applications for motors. 

DC Motors

DC motors are some of the most popular types we supply to our clients. These motors offer greater versatility than other styles, allowing for different speeds and variable speed requirements. Some of the most common applications for DC motors include conveyors, packaging machines, treadmills, door operators, and many more.  

Farm and Agriculture Motors

Many of the most popular electric motors among the line of Leeson motors include those for farms and other agricultural uses. These motors are ideal for the rigors of life in the fields and are engineered for our many hardworking clients. Many farm and agricultural machines require a motor that is durable and can last in the face of extreme conditions, and that’s where Leeson excels. 


Washdown Motors

Leeson also produces a line of Washdown Motors that Bearings & Industrial Supply is proud to distribute. This type of Leeson motor is ideal for brake motors, pedestal fans, and more. Browse the complete lineup today.

Bearings & Industrial Supply is here for all your manufacturing parts needs. Leeson is one of the many premium brands we work with to ensure our customers have access to the best components available. We offer a lineup of more than 1 million parts that are ready to ship to clients around the block or around the world. Contact us directly to learn more about the parts we carry or to place your order at (800) 826-9870.